The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

I haven’t written in this space for the past few months because I’m working on a new novel. However, the decision in the George Zimmerman trial forced me to comment briefly about the case and the outcome. This case and the decision by the jury prompt reflection on a number of elements, but I want to touch on just three in particular. Continue reading

Django Unchained

Following the Academy Awards presentations last Sunday, I decided that it’s time for me to weigh in on the movie, “Django Unchained.” To state my feelings directly, “Django Unchained” is basically a horror film. No, it’s not the traditional genre fare with bumping noises in the dark or the contemporary genre offerings with chainsaws and possessed adolescent girls. Instead, the movie succumbs to the basic dictionary definition of horror—something that is repugnant or causes a strong dislike.

Continue reading

Open Your Eyes

The country of my birth, the USA, is a peculiar place. It’s a nation of contradictions and problematic convictions. One illustration of this would be the discussions in the aftermath of the bullying and tormenting of Karen Klein, the senior school bus monitor in upstate New York. The disturbing situation has flooded print and electronic news sources, and Americans are “shocked”—once again—by witnessing the incident that was captured on video. Continue reading