In the late 1980s, Tony Marcos is a fragile teen who runs away from home and begins a life of survival that ultimately brings him to the streets of Hollywood. Living in an environment where concrete and flesh collide, where fantasies and yearnings coincide, Tony navigates the streets with a family that he creates—Irish, Black, Chicana, Jewish, Armenian, Samoan, Vietnamese. Some Gay, some straight. Some in their teens, their 30s, their 40s—but all seeking the solid ground of purpose and love.

80 pages

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“Communion is a rich, complex, and exciting novel that pulls readers into the very heartbeat of the post-modern world of late twentieth century America, where its diverse characters—seemingly by chance or fate—gather together, intertwining their complex and multifaceted lives in interesting, surprising, and emotionally charged ways…a true celebration of life.”
———Wilfred Samuels, Professor of English and African American Studies